Efficient, cost-effective- and so much more…

Online coaching has many advantages.

Here are some of them.

  • Programming: After our thorough consultation we will define your goals and map-out your route to those goals. You will receive your bespoke plan- delivered directly to your laptop or smartphone via my App… it’s time to get to work…!
  • Scheduling: Work to your own schedule- train at a good time for you. You will not be limited by your coachs’ availability.
  • Independence: It’s not just your schedule. You will control your pace and your goals too. You will need to be strongly self-motivated though to maintain a good level of commitment and progression.
  • Accessibility: Arrange to check-in with your coach anytime, anywhere via the internet. Select the right coach for you without being dependent on location.
  • Cost: From £150 to £350 for a month of targeted training- this would cover 8-12 workouts, check-ins, video analysis, constructive feedback, motivation and encouragement. A fraction of the cost of in-person training.
  • Session Duration: Don’t stress over session time… longer, shorter- no problem. Use your time efficiently- molded by your goals.
  • Coaching Quality: Expect calm, steady input from your coach- your coach will not be under time pressure, will not be stressed or burnt-out. Expect reliable and meaningful feedback. Expect steady progression.
  • Extra Help: You coach is there for you- his response to any request for help or advice is only a click or a call away.
  • Please Note: Online training is not suitable for everybody. You should have at least some previous experience of exercising and you will need to be confident enough to train independently. Your coach will have your back all the way but you will need to be self-motivated too.
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