“I have a track record of working with my trainees to establish consistent, effective and goal-driven mind-and-body training programs. My clients are inexperienced, frustrated, self-conscious and they have often struggled to build a framework and a plan that will take them to their desired outcomes…”

I am here to show you how to build a solid foundation which will ensure that you succeed where you have struggled before.

Working off that foundation you will learn and establish the mind-set and habits ​required for your consistent success.

I’m Tim Gorrill. I’m an Ex-Royal Marine Commando with many years of experience delivering physical training and habit coaching programs. I will go above and beyond from my end to guarantee your success. We will put in the hard work together: In the Marine Tradition you will find my coaching method is firm but fair. View me as your training consigliere- your resource for information, advice, moral support and the application of a little grit when your training takes a dip…!

Which training method would work for you…?

Click on the buttons below the descriptions to learn more about each of my three training modalities:

In-person coaching:

Good old-fashioned in-the-gym face-to-face coaching. You need to be in my area, BB6 7JR, as we will use my private box-gym. One-on-one live coaching is a must if you are new to training or if you are nervous, self-conscious or inexperienced.

Online coaching:

Online training is a fairly new concept. A fantastic tool to have in your toolbox. I can coach anybody anywhere in the world through my App. The training is efficient and effective. Great for those of you who have some experience and self-motivation.

Hybrid coaching:

With hybrid coaching we put in some face-to-face time to set-up your program and establish training protocols. We can also conduct live, regular check-ins. Otherwise your program is managed online through my BootneckBody App.