This is for you if you need help with your training habits and outcomes…

# Have you been unable to establish a regular and productive training habit?

# Have you bounced between routines and the latest gym ideas without ever getting traction?

# Are you frustrated in your training, unsure of where to set your focus?

If this is you, you should know that you are not responsible for this lack of direction… there is a mass of confusion around physical training. Not sticking with the right program for long enough to get all the good things that come with it is the norm for more than 95% of trainers.

I have designed my BootneckBody “XXX System” for the 95%… those who struggle with the motivation, the consistency, the know-how to put into place and adhere to a proven training system.

“I’d been a hit and miss gym-goer since my late teens but had never really stuck with it. I had no idea how to put together a routine or how to progress it properly and so I went around in circles. I was frustrated and wanted to change all that and Tim at BootneckBody was recommended by a mutual friend. We did a thorough assessment around my lifestyle, habits and goals. Now I eat much more healthily and train just two or three times a week (and every week!) but the work is always more and more challenging. The biggest thing for me is my new training consistency and the fact that I can see myself changing in the mirror… at last..!”

Let’s Build Something Great Together… ​

…we can work quickly to put in place your training framework and schedule.

You can be straight at it…
…working hard to ensure changes to your body and mind-set that a proper training system will deliver.

“Hey There..!”

I’m Tim Gorrill, ex-Royal Marine Commando, and more than 25 years in the trenches with my clients delivering 1:2:1 physical training and habit coaching.

100% My Principle: “Tough Love”
100% My Style: “Firm but Fair”

I am here to guide, to coach, to motivate- and I am here to encourage accountability when your training takes a dip. This is what I do..!

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