Great. You want to get fit. You want to change…

…But do you really? Is this a decision you have made before? And, if you have, how will things be different for you this time around?

Real change is hard and requires your commitment.

In my years of observations as a personal trainer the one BIG THING that is going to make the difference for you is to find within yourself a deep and genuine desire for change.

Do not look for the quick-fixes and solutions labelled “fun” and “easy”. They won’t work. You will need to accept and embrace the hard work to come- you will need to define your goals- and you will need to be willing to learn a new way to reach them.

Can you realistically see yourself re-structuring and setting out a pathway to your long-term success?

Your First Step is to arrange, with me, a one-on-one Assessment and Introduction. This is a one-off stand-alone session of two hours or so- I don’t put a time limit on it and happily run-on longer as required. The cost for this session is £50.00. We will cover the following;

#A short Personal Profile and Health Screening questionnaire.

#A discussion centred around your previous experiences, your current motivation / activity level- and desire to begin the process of you taking responsibility for making changes happen. My insight and thoughts.

#A practical introduction to the appropriate training modalities suitable for you individually. The framework you will need to build upon to get results.

I will deliver written feedback to you within 48 hours. This is yours to do with as you will. You may want to work with me further- but perhaps not- that’s fine. At the very least you will have achieved some real clarity and a practical framework which you can refer back to at any time you like.

This is a bite-sized “first step” that I’m excited to offer and is designed to show you the route to the “big result” that you desire.