Where you choose to train is a decision you should consider carefully…

Take your time and find a good gym…

You will have a good choice of commercial gyms, but they do vary in the quality of location, facilities, equipment and instruction.

Location is important because you don’t want a tiresome round-trip two or three times a week- if the gym isn’t convenient for you it can quite quickly become an obstacle to your consistency.

Facilities might be important to you if you intend to change and shower on site. If the gym is local to you I suggest running or walking briskly there and back as part of your warm-up and wind-down routines .

This is important: A lot of the equipment you will find in a typical gym is not required for our work together.

Look for a good, basic gym. It will have the free weights, pulleys and power racks required to train safely and super-effectively. A small number of well designed machines can provide some variety to your exercises but they are not essential. Most machines are poorly designed and it’s too often a case of looks over substance.

While we are working together you will acquire all the tools you need to become your own trainer. Take 95% of what you are told by others in the gym- and bin it…. most people are poorly informed about resistance training and practise inappropriate routines and techniques. You will not need any other instruction.

If you are serious about investing time and effort into your new training habit then you should consider setting up a home gym.

This is the best way to go… a well designed home gym will take up little room and is surprisingly affordable. Here are just a few advantages to having your own training space…

  • 8ft x 12ft will work well for all of the quality training equipment you will ever need.
  • After the initial investment you will have your own gym for the rest of your life. No more fees- ever.
  • Train where you are, when you want. Turning out on a cold winter night will be in the past. Opening hours won’t affect you.
  • Never wait for the squat rack and never have to endure poor gym etiquette.
  • Be the envy of your training friends. Set up your club… your space, your rules..! You’ll make years of happy memories..!

I have been designing and fitting-out home gyms for more than 42 years and I know what works well… click below to learn more about this service…