Hello… I’m Tim Gorrill

My job is to help ladies and gentlemen reach striking, achievable body re-composition goals- getting body fat off and putting lean muscle tissue on.

I work from my micro-gym- a private studio located in East Lancashire designed for the delivery of one to one personal training programmes. My programmes are truly bespoke- built around a full assessment of your history, your current status and your individual outcome goals.

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Snowflakes beware! Did you notice that I mentioned “tough love” and “hard work” up there?

Well that’s because my style is firm but fair. I am a friendly taskmaster! I need to be because this is about producing measurable and lasting results together; I will show you what to do. I will explain why you are doing it. I will explain how it will work. I will encourage you every step of the way and keep you working efficiently. But you will be doing the hard work- you will need to bring along an attitude and a determination to learn and to do that hard work.

If this sounds tough don’t worry! Your exercise plan will be appropriate to your abilities. It will be delivered safely- and it will effectively target your objectives. Because you will be learning as you train it won’t take long before you are knowledgeable and confident enough to continue training independently.

After your initial 6-week programme, if you have been disciplined, you, your family and your friends will already be able to see real changes in your appearance; expect to lose 2% of body fat per week and a change in your body aesthetic as your muscle tone improves.

This success will give you the positive mindset that will help you to continue setting and achieving your goals.