BootneckBody is a 1.2.1 and online training service run by ex-Royal Marine Commando Tim Gorrill


Your Toolbox

My service is about providing you with a toolbox. A toolbox full of the best quality tools. Take those tools in hand, set to work on yourself and with encouragement and guidance use the tools to create the best version of yourself possible.

This is about so much more than just your “fitness”. It’s about your confidence, the way you feel about yourself and about the way you want to lead your life.

You can only begin the re-build by accepting responsibility for the physique and the level of general fitness that you have today.

And then (if you do not like what you see) take responsibility for making changes. Have the plan, focus on positives, work on controlling negatives… just get to it directly…

Easy to say? Harder to do? It’s why I’m here- to work with you if you’re struggling with the motivation, the consistency and the accountability it takes to thrive inside a training system and benefit from all the good things that it will deliver.

Hello There.. I’m Tim. I’m an ex-Royal Marine Commando and Carpenter with a life-long love of all things physical training. It’s very important to me that you know I have lived and breathed everything that I espouse on my website. My commitment to healthy living and a very active lifestyle has helped me to overcome the adversity and testing situations that we must sometimes face in life. A strong body, a strong mind and still stronger principles are everything. At the age of nearly 60 I can still just about keep up with a frisky younger wife and large young family. Come and join the gang..!

100% my principle: “Tough Love”

I have more than 42 years of training experience and 25+ years in the trenches giving my clients the tools they need.

100% my style: “Firm but Fair”

I blend my habitual no-nonsense approach with tried and tested training systems and attitudes to truly put power in the hands of those who are prepared to put in the hard work.

I want to work hard with those who want to work hard. I regard it as an honour when asked to work with a determined client intent on seeing things through. The levels of excitement and anticipation that we share as the program becomes established and the results start to kick in have been a highlight throughout my life. Great friendships have been struck up in the gym.


Because you will be learning as you train it won’t take long before you are knowledgeable and confident enough to continue training independently.

What you should expect to see…

After your initial 12 week programme, if you have been disciplined, you, your family and your friends will already be able to see real changes in your appearance; expect to lose 2% of body fat per week and a change in your body aesthetic as your muscle tone improves.

This success will give you the positive mindset that will help you to continue setting and achieving your goals.