For most new and inexperienced trainees, planning and executing an effective training program can be overwhelming.

Are you thinking about committing to a doable, life-changing physical training program which guarantees to deliver the results you desire? You know: fat loss, muscle gain- a leaner, shapelier, more confident version of you?

Here’s a dispiriting thought: 95% of new and inexperienced trainees hardly get started on their journeys to reaching their training objectives. Why?

Because they’re not working under the correct knowledge and they don’t have a plan that is suitable for them. There is an enormous amount of information out there- and much of it conflicting. It’s too easy to take advice from people who have nothing relevant to say to you– in your situation. Not relevant=no result. Program-hopping and frustration become your reality- and years can pass by in this training limbo.

Hello. I’m Tim. I love to help overwhelmed and self-conscious people- working with them to re-build their bodies, their confidence and their self-respect by committing to a simple and effective mind-and-body training program.

Here’s how I believe I can help you…

  • Begin to re-build yourself by accepting responsibility for the physique and the level of general fitness that you have today.
  • If you do not like what you see take responsibility for making changes. Clarify the changes that you need to make. Get help. Get to it directly.
  • Together we focus on the simple things that we need to put into place to ensure success from your own step-by-step program.
  • I will work with you to develop the motivation, the consistency, the accountability required to benefit from all the good things a balanced program will deliver.
  • You should view me as your training consigliere- your resource for information, advice, moral support and the application of a little grit when your training takes a dip.
  • I can only work with you if you are determined to make changes. You will need to commit to a 3 month program as the first big step in your transformation…

I’m an Ex-Royal Marine Commando with a life-long love of all things physical. I have lived and breathed my mind-and-body training philosophy.

I am over 40 years into my training and 25 years working with clients. I know all about training consistency- I know what works. I have logged almost 6000 workouts in that 40+ years- and that doesn’t include the Marine Commando Stuff I was paid me to do besides.

At 60 my commitment to healthy living and a very active lifestyle has helped me to overcome adversity and testing situations. 100% a strong body, a strong mind and strong principles.

I am a fully qualified in-person and online coach. I carry professional insurance.


What will my program look like…?

The hardest part of any program is working to develop the mind-set essential for producing consistently and always maintaining momentum and progression. Accountability is the main reason for working with a coach- people want a trusted advisor to keep them on track in the long term.

Programming is straightforward. If you just want a program and don’t feel the need for a mentor I advise you to download something or buy a book- there are many training guides available for little outlay.

This is something different: Your program with me will be built around you, your history and your training experience. Availability of equipment, time, work and family commitments will be taken into account. Your program will have all of these components:

  • A thorough 4-limb warm-up.
  • Full body cardiovascular training.
  • Full body resistance work.
  • Cool-down / gentle joint and muscle flexibility work.
  • A healthy eating plan.
  • Full tracking and feedback of all components.

I will want you to train 2 or 3 times per week and never on consecutive days- rest is essential.

Our workouts will last for about 75 minutes- a bit longer for the first few as I will be teaching and explaining some critical stuff at the beginning.

Your training education will continue throughout your program. After three months you will have all the tools and the experience you will need to continue alone should you wish to do so.

If you have been disciplined and worked hard you will already be seeing great results.