Rooted in Resistance

Although designed individually for each client all of my programmes are built around healthy eating habits, cardiovascular exercise and strength (resistance) training.

This three-pronged attack, conscientiously followed, will re-energise your body, reduce body fat, extend your range of joint movement and dramatically improve your strength and muscle conditioning. You can make these changes regardless of your age and even after many years of physical inactivity.

Key to the progression of many age-related ailments is gradual muscle loss. On average as we move into middle age we lose around 3 kilograms of lean-body mass per decade of life. Eventually this takes its toll on our ability to attack daily tasks and the rate at which we can burn body fat due to a reduced metabolism.

Muscle that is frequently pushed to the limits of its capacity, however, will grow and become stronger- even in older trainers…!

A tailored resistance training program designed to reverse this decline should be the pivotal component of any serious exercise program because it really will deliver fantastic results.

To be effective your training has to be progressive and consistent- and you must be prepared to work hard. Click the button below to learn more about how to make a start.