Let’s Build Something Great Together

I will work with you to establish your productive training habit for life.

Let’s Build Something Great Together

With firm direction, correct knowledge and a renewed enthusiasm you can train to produce like never before.

Let’s Build Something Great Together

Face to face or online your training will deliver results…

Train together. Produce together. Succeed together…

More than 95% of gym-goers never do boss this vital bottom-line: Consistent and Productive Training.

Buck the trend and reap the many rewards that will come to you when you follow an effective training program consistently.

I have been training for well over 40 years and training others for more than 25 years. I promise you that despite today’s rash of BS, over-complication and latest workout crazes the simple basics of progressive and productive physical training have never changed…

In the Marines we had a simple system: “To be a Marine, train like a Marine…” Don’t over-complicate things. Do what is necessary. Do everything to the very best of your ability and work hard- but work hard armed with the correct knowledge.

“I started training with Tim from BootneckBody in July 2019, so two times weekly for 9 months now- about 40 workouts. He will be honest and pretty tough at times because he demands commitment and consistency so if you’re looking for the quick easy fix this won’t be for you- this is a change for life not a fad. But over the 9 months my change has been remarkable- I have lost 18lbs of fat and built 5lbs of muscle, I lift double the weights I started out with and look and feel athletic. I feel so much better about myself. My husband loves what I’ve been able to achieve. When you start seeing the same results you’ll love it too..”

Claire W April 2019

Any Worthwhile Physical Training Program will Require Your Commitment.

There are generally two huge misses in the vast majority of training efforts: Training consistency and having sound knowledge at the core of the program.

I intend to deliver the best individually designed fat-loss/muscle-gain programme to you- you will need to be self-disciplined and prepared to work hard.

1.2.1 Training

Good old-fashioned face to face stuff in the gym… 12 weeks minimum.

Online Training

Brilliant… and very, very productive- if you can do as you are told..!

Hybrid Training

Mainly online but with regular check-ins in the gym and always 1.2.1