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I will teach you how to make real progress at last… re-gain your confidence… re-boot your self-image… learn how to establish a training-habit-for-life and reap the many rewards…

It’s all about the committment and the consistency…!

You will likely know some of the many benefits of committing to an effective physical training program… you will certainly desire the outcomes.

You may have signed-up to a gym and gone through the training mill before. Unfortunately 95% of trainees never get the results they desire. So they become de-motivated and lose interest- maybe they try again some weeks or months down the road- only to end up yo-yoing between hit and miss. Sound familiar…?

I will work with you to show you how to become a member of the 5% Club. The 5% are those who train modestly but consistently, reach their goals… and stay there…!

There are many reasons for training setbacks. Those reasons are as varied as our personalities and our life-journeys. To better understand your circumstances and to set you up for success I would like to offer you a comprehensive, no obligation, free consultation.

Together, we can look at the current and past elements of your relationship with exercise and health. Then, if we decide we are a good fit: We design a plan, just for you and very doable and, if you are focused and determined, you can become one of the 5%…!

To take a first step I will need you to provide me with some basic information… please click on the link below, fill-in the form and send it back to me…. I really do look forward to hearing from you…!

Talk Soon,

Coach Tim

“I’d been a hit-and-miss gym-goer but never could stick with it. I didn’t know how to put together a proper routine- I didn’t even know what training progression was. I just seemed to go round in circles, always back at square one and getting more and more frustrated…”

This is a typical experience- it’s the sort of comment I hear it all the time. Please click on the link to learn a little more about why it happens- and what you can do about it…